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Creating stories

Tell stories, don’t write them 10
Don’t worry too much about story format 12
Describe a behaviour change 14
Describe the system change 16
Approach stories as survivable experiments 18
Watch out for generic roles 20
Evaluate zone of control and sphere of influence 22
Put a ‘best before’ date on stories 24

Planning with stories

Set deadlines for addressing major risks28
Use hierarchical backlogs30
Group stories by impact34
Create a user story map 36
Change behaviours using the CREATE funnel38
Set out global concerns at the start of a milestone40
Prioritise according to stages of growth 42
Prioritise using purpose alignment 44
Make a stakeholder chart46
Name your milestones48
Focus milestones on a limited number of user segments50

Discussing stories

Use low-tech for story conversations 54
Imagine the demonstration 56
Diverge and merge for story discussions 58
Involve all roles in the discussion 60
Measure alignment using feedback exercises 62
Play the devil’s advocate 64
Divide responsibility for defining stories 66
Split business and technical discussions 68
Investigate value on multiple levels 70
Discuss sliding-scale measurements with QUPER 72

Splitting stories

Start with the outputs 76
Forget the walking skeleton - put it on crutches 78
Narrow down the customer segment 80
Slice by examples of usefulness 82
Split by capacity 84
First dummy, then dynamic 86
Simplify outputs 88
Split learning from earning 90
Extract basic utility 92
When all else fails, slice the hamburger 94

Managing iterative delivery

Don’t push everything into stories 98
Budget instead of estimate100
Avoid using numeric story sizes 102
Estimate capacity based on rolling number of stories104
Estimate capacity based on analysis time106
Pick impacts instead of prioritising stories 108
Never say ‘no’ - say ‘not now’110
Split UX improvements from consistency work112
Get users to opt in to large UX changes114
Check outcomes with real users 116
Throw stories away after they are delivered 118

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